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Children performing dance | Children's Division Ages 3-6

Children's Division
Ages 3-6

Introduce your child to a fun and age-appropriate dance class in just 45 minutes. Boys and girls will learn basic skills and movement concepts through activities like zig-zagging, skipping, jumping, and more. Creative Ballet I is offered separately without tap.

Kids aged 3-4 learn acrobatics, tumbling, and stretching, including rolls, bridges, handstands, cartwheels, splits, and more.

A 45-minute ballet-inspired class with an additional 15 minutes of tap. Students learn basic steps, terminology, and movement concepts through games and age-appropriate imagery. Creative Ballet II is offered without tap.

For ages 5-7, this class covers acrobatics, tumbling, and stretching techniques, including splits, forearm/elbow stands, scorpion/heel stretches, and more.

In this 45-minute class, dancers groove to age-appropriate pop and hip-hop music, learning basic choreography, body isolations, and hip-hop style through combinations and games.

A 45-minute upbeat class with age-appropriate music where dancers work on basic jazz techniques, choreography, body isolations, and terminology.

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