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Girls performing Nutcracker | Classical Ballet classes

Classical Ballet

IDT offers a strong classical ballet program with a structured curriculum. We emphasize proper body placement, dynamic movement, artistry, and performance opportunities. Our training also includes valuable life lessons for personal growth.

Our diverse teachers bring various training backgrounds to enrich our curriculum while maintaining our standards. We believe in exposing students to different styles for future auditions or choreography.


Dress Code:

Girls: Class-colored leotard, pink tights, and pink leather ballet slippers.

Boys: White leotard, black tights or shorts, dance belt, white socks, and white ballet slippers.


Additional Info:

  • Hair must be pinned away from the face.

  • No jewelry, shorts, skirts, or tee-shirts.

  • Accompanist fee may apply for classes with live pianists.

Girls performing Jazz | Jazz classes


At IDT, Jazz is a dynamic American art form encompassing various styles like Broadway, Latin, classical jazz, funk, Bollywood, and more! Our classes focus on body isolations (head, shoulders, rib cage, feet, and arms), fostering individual expression and personal style development. We incorporate turns, leaps, and progressions in our extended class durations, ensuring safety and skill-appropriateness.

Jazz features theatrical, sharp movements with a spirited and sassy attitude. Teachers may request black or tan Jazz shoes for performance pieces.

  • Jazz I: Ages 7-8

  • Jazz II/III: Placement required

  • Jazz IV, V: Placement by level

Classes can be tailored to theater, classic jazz, or a fusion of styles, including progressions, turns, and leaps. Theater jazz classes also offer the exciting skill of dancing in heels, essential for auditions, and included in our curriculum.

For all jazz classes: Black or tan Jazz shoes may be requested by teachers for performance pieces.

Girls performing Contemporary dance | Contemporary dance classes


IDT offers contemporary dance classes that combine modern, postmodern, and lyrical styles, emphasizing improvisation, floorwork, partnering, and dancing barefoot. Lyrical dance, a fusion of ballet and jazz, requires technical skill, musicality, and emotional expression. Solid ballet-based technique, proper placement, and alignment are crucial. 

Prerequisite: Students must be enrolled in Ballet classes at their required level. Advanced drop-ins are allowed with director approval.

For young dancers who love leaping, twirling, and dancing to modern music, Contemporary is the perfect class. It blends Ballet and Modern techniques, allowing students to express themselves through lyrical songs while honing their technique. Concurrent enrollment in Ballet classes is essential to build strong technique and muscle memory.

  • Contemporary I: Ages 7-8

  • Contemporary II: Placement by Level

  • Contemporary III: Placement by Level (Intermediate)

  • Contemporary IV: Placement by Level (Advanced)

  • Contemporary V: Placement by Level (Advanced/Pre-Professional)

Girls performing Acro | Acro dance classes

Acro for dance

Join our Acro classes, led by an experienced gymnastics coach, where students learn skills and safety techniques directly applicable to dance choreography. Acro covers tumbling, contortion, and acrobatic skills like aerials, head springs, back tucks, and more.

Acro often integrates seamlessly into Contemporary Dance choreography, making it a valuable skill for dancers.

Dress code:

  • Hair pulled up and away from the face

  • Attire for Girls and Boys:

  • Bare Feet

  • Tight-fitting top (sports tank or fitted shirt with a sports bra for girls) or leotard

  • Spandex shorts or fitted leggings

  • Avoid loose or baggy clothing

Our dress code prioritizes your safety and that of others. Please arrive dressed appropriately and on time for class.

Group performing hip hop | Hip hop dance classes

Hip hop

In our Hip Hop classes, students develop a strong understanding of musical elements and master intricate, grounded choreography. Hip hop cultivates self-discipline and adaptability at a whole new level.

Students will acquire body isolations, choreography skills, and that signature Hip Hop swag through combinations and dance games set to age-appropriate music.

  • Hip Hop I: Ages 7-8

  • Hip Hop II/III/IV/V: Placement required

For all Hip Hop classes, please wear clean tennis shoes and comfortable, movable clothing.

Girls performing Tap | Tap dance classes


Our Tap classes blend essential elements of both "Rhythm" and "Broadway" styles, fostering versatility in students' performance skills. Choreography seamlessly integrates various dance styles, encouraging students to explore through student choreography opportunities and improvisation. While we include entertaining trick steps, our primary focus is on intricate and subtle steps that challenge fine motor skills.

**Please note that we do not have any tap classes scheduled for the 2023/24 Season at this time.

  • Beginning Tap: Ages 7+

  • Intermediate Tap: Ages 10+

For all tap classes, teachers may request black or tan tap shoes for performance pieces.

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