BOMA (Best of My Abilities)


BOMA (Best Of My Abilities) is a class created of mixed capabilities where we learn how to dance together and showcase the best of all our abilities, taught by our fabulous teacher Ms. Emmy Fansler. This is an inclusive class for those who need more support due to specific sensory needs or physical challenges which may take a little more individual instruction and creativity. Students will gain not only body awareness and technique, but also life skills to be positive, creative, and empathetic relationship-builders, communicators, and artists.

Ages for this class- All ages are welcome. Our current program has students ranging from 14- 36 years old.

What to wear- Anything you feel comfortable moving around in. A t-shirt and leggings are great!

What do I wear on my feet? Socks, clean sneakers, ballet or Jazz shoes, or barefoot will all work.

Do you accept DDA? Yes we do! Please contact us at with your case worker information, and we will help you get registered.