Young Children

Dress code information per level can be found on our website under "Classes".
This page serves as an overview of all classes offered at IDT at a glance.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions, we are happy to help!
Together Time Ages 2 – 3 Years *currently not running for the 2023/24 season
For boys or girls starting at 2.5 years with parent or caregiver! This 45 minute, early beginnings dance and movement class has age appropriate curriculum incorporating music, singing, movement and tumbling, taught by a nurturing, qualified adult instructor. Dress Code: Comfortable gym clothes and bare feet or socks with grippies with caregiver in hand.
Creative Ballet, Creative Movement/Tap Ages 3 – 4 Years
Creative Movement/Tap classes here are IDT are the first real introduction for your child, into a fun and age appropriate dance class setting! Just 45 minutes in length, boys and girls will zig zag, skip, jump, leap, slide, stretch and stomp their way to learning basic skills and movement concepts while nurturing creativity and fun. Creative Ballet I is offered by itself (no tap). All classes are taught by trained, qualified, adult teachers. Students may register at any time.
Tiny Tumblers- Ages 3-4 Years
Tiny Tumblers is for kids ages 3-4 years old. This class teaches the basics to acrobatics, tumbling, and stretching. They learn how to do basic skills such as forward/backwards rolls, bridges, handstands, cartwheels, splits, headstands, and more.
Creative Ballet, Pre Ballet/Tap Ages 5 – 6 Years
The Pre Ballet/Tap class is approximately 45 minutes of dance and 15 minutes of tap. Ballet inspired, students will learn basic steps and terminology with continued exploration of movement concepts through games and imagery appropriate to their age level. Creative Ballet II is offered by itself (no tap).
Acro Mini- 5-6 YEARS
Acro mini is for ages 5--7 years. THIS CLASS TEACHES THE BASICS TO ACROBATICS, TUMBLING, AND STRETCHING.  You will learn the prper technique for slits, work on forarm/ elbow stands, scorpion/ heel stretches and more!
Hip Hop Mini Ages 5-6 Years
This 45-minute class will use age-appropriate pop and hip hop music and dancers will work on basic choreography, body isolations, and their Hip Hop swag through combinations and dance games. You’ll be grinning ear to ear when you see your dancer freestyle their favorite moves in the studio and at home!
Jazz Mini Ages 5-6 Years
This 45 minute upbeat class will use age-appropriate music and dancers will work on basic jazz technique, choreography, body isolations, terminology.