Contemporary, Lyrical, Modern Styles

Contemporary dance classes at IDT are a combined curriculum of modern, postmodern and lyrical, often utilizing improvisation, floorwork, partnering and performing in bare feet. Lyrical as a dance style in itself is defined in part by a fusion of ballet and jazz, demanding technical skill, musicality and an expression of emotion. A solid, ballet-based technique, proper placement and bodily alignment are essential components. Please note in the class schedule what the focus of each class is: Lyrical, a fusion of contemporary styles, or more of a modern based class, as this will be indicated in the title.

Prerequisite: Students must be currently enrolled in Ballet classes as per their level requirement. Advanced dancers who drop in, approval by director is acceptable.

If your young dancer loves leaping, twirling, and swaying to modern day music, this is the class for them! Derived from Ballet and Modern technique, Contemporary is a style that allows dancers to explore themselves through Lyrical songs through technique and storytelling. Contemporary students must concurrently be enrolled in Ballet classes to hone strong technique skills to execute this style while also building healthy and correct muscle memory as budding dancers!

Contemporary I Ages 7 – 8 yrs

Contemporary II Placement by Level

Contemporary III Placement by Level – Intermediate

Contemporary IV Placement by Level – Advanced

Contemporary V Placement by Level – Advanced/Pre Professional

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